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IGN watermark on Okami Wii strategy guide.

28/04/2008 · Lightning does strike twice, and by lightning we mean botched cover art. The Okami Wii box cover wasn't the only victim of the IGN watermark, as it turns out the BradyGames strategy guide also proudly displays the blemish. The automatic reaction to. To be more specific, the Wii boxart of Okami still has the traces of an IGN watermark on it and both the original picture the one that was used to create the background and had the watermark and the zoomed version of the cover can be seen and compared here.

20/04/2008 · Just picked Okami up today.and it's gorgeous:D The remote brush thing I hear some people complaining about is valid. Sometimes my brush strokes don't. 21/04/2008 · To elaborate a bit more for the confused people, the designer for capcom, who was in charge of Okami wii's boxart used an image they got from IGN's website. It would seem they couldn't find any other high resolution image for a backdrop of the boxart.

r/gaming: A subreddit for almost anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. but not sports. 27/04/2008 · STROKING YOUR EGO, ONE POST AT A TIME. Existing user? Sign In. Sign In. Oh dear. According to this Kotaku report, there’s an IGN watermark on the Okami Wii boxart in America. It’s plain as day and looks to have been verified. We’re saying nothing. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

19/04/2008 · I just noticed this today. Like the boxart wasn't bad enough with the big Play stamp. There is a fucking IGN watermark right near Ammy's mouth. I was so pissed. How the fuck do you miss that. Unprofessional as shit. Why would you have to steal an image from IGN to make a cover for a game your working on. Just venting. 28/04/2008 · Misery loves company! It's OK, Capcom. You weren't the only ones to leave an IGN watermark on your own Okami art. Bradygames left one on the cover of their Okami Wii strategy guide, too! What's even kookier is that the watermark appears in a different spot on the book's cover than on the game's cover, meaning it's not.

24/04/2008 · "I can honestly say that my worst day at Capcom was this Monday. After releasing Okami for the Wii last week to some great reviews Metacritic Average: 88, one of our Okami diehard fans discovered that the folks who work here at Capcom are, in fact, human and can make mistakes. I’m speaking of the watermark that appeared on the cover of Okami. The front and back of the new Okami cover. To see both covers, click here. Remember back in April when the cover art for the Wii version of Okami was found to have a visible IGN watermark on it? Various video game blogs were the first to write about it, but the story even made []. 21/04/2008 · For a game that rides on artistic chops as much as Okami, this is a pretty bad F-up. Several of you mentioned that there is an IGN watermark on the box art picture. More or less, the background under the wolf was formed by a hi-res shot lifted from IGN's site. 21/04/2008 · The much-anticipated Wii port of Capcom's Okami has been, like most ports, the subject of much scrutiny from Capcom fans who wanted to see the game faithfully re-created on the Wii - but what nobody noticed until yesterday though was that the cover art for the game came with a IGN watermark. Mobile. Login / Join N4G community now!

Okami also received a direct-sequel on the Nintendo DS, the game was known as Okamiden and was released in 2010. Interestingly enough, the Wii release of Okami got extra attention by both the press and fans alike, as the North American cover of the release had an IGN watermark that could be visible near Amaterasu’s face. Shortly after the game's release, the cover art was discovered to have the IGN watermark on it, showing that the image had been ripped from the site. Capcom has apologized for this and has offered a free replacement cover slip without the logo for free. Players have discovered that the cover of the North American Wii version of Ōkami includes a watermark from IGN, and traced the source to an image taken from IGN's site. To make up for the error, Capcom offered for a limited time to replace the cover with one of three high-resolution covers free of charge to users in North America.

In the Wii cover of Okami, IGN's logo watermark can be found near Amaterasu's mouth, as the background is an image from the PS2 version of Okami taken from IGN, and designers didn't realize it had their watermark. 27/06/2008 · Okami HD will reportedly be re-released for Xbox One and PS4 on December 12. According to Kotaku UK sources, the game has been added to internal release schedules for two European retail chains. The game - which was released in western territories as a PS3 download-only HD remaster in 2012 - will. GameVortex's review of Okami. Though fans have been clamoring for this game for a while, a bit of controversy surrounds Okami \'s port to the Wii. First, there is the embarrassing IGN watermark right smack in the center of every box for the game. It seems someone had to lift the art for their own game, which is so laughable that most.

24/04/2008 · In light of the recent discovery that the game's box art has the IGN watermark on it, Capcom is offering replacement art for those who have already purchased the game. As of last week, it was discovered that the recent release of Capcom’s PS2 port Okami had the IGN watermark on. The classic game may well be getting another re-release. We won't complain. This is the Okami for Wii IGN watermark all over again lol. 1 reply 0 retweets 17 likes. Reply. 1. Retweet. Retweeted. Replying to @PooltoyWolf @DogBarkingBees @Mattsa_64. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I will forever see that watermark. 1 reply 0 retweets 3 likes. Reply. 1. Retweet. Retweeted. Many people will argue that IGN updates more on Nintendo news than either of them, but many say that IGN tends to be biased against Nintendo as well especially the "kiddish" as they like to call them ones, like Kirby. Trivia. Some covers of the Okami Wii Game have the IGN watermark on it. See also. IGN Editor's Choice Award. Complete original Wii run of Okami including the IGN watermark accidentally put on the cover by Capcom. Okami - First Run with IGN watermark Nintendo Wii, 2008 Complete 13388350070 eBay Skip to main content.

So back when Okami came out on the Wii Capcom had the cover art with a IGN watermark. So they sent out replacement inserts Cover Artwork Redemption. You didn't really need to prove you owned the original so I just fill out the form. There was originally few inserts but I only have one of them left. 10/08/2013 · In honor of the Wonderful 101 info blast, let's take a trip back to 2012 with one of our earliest bits from our pilot episode - American Psycho, Capcpom, and a dash of Clover, all on "Watermark"! Mizuguchi: Okami and MadWorld deserved more attention. Platinum’s Okami and MadWorld should have been better received, Qs Tetsuya Mizuguchi has told 1UP. “It’s actually a coincidence that I mention two games by Clover/Platinum, but it’s a shame that unique games like this aren’t embraced by the public more,” said the Japanese dev. I tried talking to someone about Okami, they asked for a brief description, I said “Oh you’re a wolf, and you have this weird buglike person on your shoulder who talks to you.. ” They interrupted me and said “So Twilight Princess” and proceeded to write the game off. I was offended.

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