AOL Desktop Gold latest features for users

admin/ April 20, 2018/ Blog

There is regular up-gradation in the technology every-day. AOL Desktop Gold has also updated from time to time. The new features make the user experience more venerable. Now regular updates to the AOL desktop gold application occurs automatically. The optimized speed of the internet connection has improved with better streaming. Therefore the software is faster and secured as compared to the previous version. Users will also experience the automatic updates in the background of their computer or laptop.

With this updated version of AOL Desktop Gold Software Download, services like emailing, web browsing, conversation, become more safe and secure. The whole application becomes fast and overall experience is better as compared to the older version. These updated are simple and easy to install but there are some cases when a user struck in between a problem. Users then contact out AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-844-443-3244 anytime.

The new AOL desktop gold updates are defined below:

  • Faster than the previous version- The latest version of AOL desktop gold is faster as compared to the previous one which makes it more valuable to use services like web browsing, emailing, etc.
  • Automatic Updates- Now users automatically access the updated version of AOL software. Also, it takes less space on the device as it auto replace the older version.
  • HI-tech features- The updated version has improved high-performance parameter. Now the performance is improved with less error.
  • Customized font & text options- Now users can choose it better font and text options as the latest version has the option of personalized font and text size.
  • Similar look & feel- The latest version has similar look and feels as compared to the previous version.
  • Import Wizard- AOL desktop Gold now has automatic import option for data like username, passwords, toolbar, etc. Users can also run the files manually to import file menu.
  • Simplified Installation Process- There is few steps required to install AOL desktop gold so it is easy to use. The whole process of downloading and installation is faster as compared to previous one.

The above features of AOL Desktop Gold Download Link are good for the users as the whole process becomes simple and very fast. But in case a user find any technical hiccups in using AOL desktop gold, he can contact our AOL desktop gold technical team. Our technical team is ready to assist users 24*7.