Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 10

admin/ June 21, 2018/ AOL Gold Support, Blog

How to Download AOL desktop Gold for Windows 10?

Want to download AOL Desktop Gold for windows 10? Well, you’ve landed at the right place! This article explains the step by step process to download and install AOL Desktop gold in windows 10. AOL Desktop gold is an all-in-one desktop mail, browsing, and search platform provided by AOL Inc. (originally known as America Online). AOL desktop provides a consistent screen interface and an alternative to the confusing layout provided by other free email service providers. AOL desktop gold provides various premium security features to protect your personal data from being compromised. There are certain situation when the user’s is unable to Install AOL Desktop on their device due to compatibility or network error issues then it is advisable to all user’s to contact directly to AOL experts available at +1-844-443-3244 Number. The AOL Support is available 24×7. You can contact anytime.

Steps to download AOL desktop Gold in Windows 10

There are three methods to download AOL desktop gold, based on the types of users.

  1. If you’re and AOL advantage plan member.
  2. If you’ve an AOL desktop gold trial or subscription.
  3. Using the link provided in AOL signup confirmation mail.


Method 1: If you’re and AOL advantage plan member

Step 1: Sign-in to your AOL mail account via

Step 2: Go to All Products and Scroll down to find AOL Desktop Gold Option.

Step 3: Click Download Now option in order to download AOL desktop Gold.


Method 2: If you’ve an AOL desktop Gold trial or subscription

Step 1: Sign in to your AOL Account via

Step 2: Locate the option manage my Subscriptions.

Step 3: Switch to Premium subscription tab (click on the Premium subscription tab).

Step 4: Under the AOL Desktop Gold option, click Get Started to start the download.


Method 3: Using the link provided in AOL signup confirmation mail

Step 1: sign in to your AOL mail account.

Step 2: Go to inbox and search for the term “get started with AOL Desktop Gold” in the subject line.

Step 3: Open the mail and click the link Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now (if you already have an older version of AOL Desktop Gold).

Step 4: Once you click the link, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can download the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold.  


So, these are the three methods to Download AOL Gold Software in Windows 10. Hope you’ve downloaded the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold. Now, it’s time to install the AOL Desktop Gold on your system. Here’s the method to install AOL desktop Gold on Windows 10. Read on.

Step 1: Go to Downloads folder and locate Install_AOL_Desktop.exe file.

Step 2: Double-click the file in order to install it on your computer. It will open a pop-up window (smart screen security windows to verify that you really want to install the setup).

Step 3: Click Run. The AOL Desktop Gold Setup window will be opened.

Step 4: Click Install Now to install it on your computer.

That’s it! This is how we download and install AOL Desktop Gold in windows 10.