How to Recover Password in AOL desktop Gold?

admin/ May 22, 2018/ Blog

AOL Desktop Gold is a widely used application all over the world. It has all the latest features which best suited the requirement of the present user. Some of the key highlights of AOL Gold application include website browsing, email services, chatting, messages, content, etc.

Using such technology, some find forget their AOL Gold account password and could have face problem in recovering the password. In given content, we will guide you how to recover your lost password step by step. Simply follow the given steps to recover your forgotten password.

  • Visit the official AOL website

  • Click on login.

  • Now fill your username and click on next.

Now you will get two screens, one for Forget password & another for I Forget My Password, so choose your options wisely.

On “Forgot password” you can recover your password by following steps:

By Phone verification

  • Click on Forgot password option.

  • Fill your username.

  • Click next.

  • Provide the recovery phone number associated with your account.

  • Click on next and a verification code sent to your registered number.

  • Now enter that verification code.

  • Click next.

  • Now enter the new password and save it.

By Email Verification

  • Click on Forgot Password.

  • Fill username.

  • Click next.

  • Click on try another verification option.

  • Click on email a reset link to my recovery email address.

  • Click on next

  • Now an email will be sent to your recovery email address.

  • Click on close.

  • Sign in to your recovery email and check for a message from AOL and click on the password recovery link

  • Now fill the new password and click on save.

Answer the security question

  • Click Forgot Password.

  • Type your username.

  • Click next.

  • Choose the verifying option and click on Answer security question.

  • Verify your profile information.

  • Click on next.

  • Provide the required information.

  • Enter the new password and click on save.

Now on “I Forgot My Password” recover your password by following steps.

Recover through phone verification code.

  • Click on “I forgot my password.”

  • Choose Yes to send a verification code to your registered mobile number.

  • Now fill this verification code in the corresponding field and submit it.

  • Create your new password and confirm it by again typing it.

  • Click on continue and then Ok

  • Congrats your new password is created now.

Recover password through recovery email address.

  • Click on I forgot my password.

  • Click on Yes, send me a verification code.

  • After that sign into your recovery email address.

  • Open the mail directed to AOL and click the link

  • Now click on reset password. And continue.

  • Create your new password.

  • Click on continue and then Ok

Answer the security question and verify profile information

  • Click “I forgot my password” button.

  • Provide the answer to account security question.

  • Verify it.

  • Provide the required information and click on continue.

  • Create the new password.

  • Click on continues and then ok.

Therefore by following the above steps, a user can easily recover their lost/forgotten password. There are some situations when user are unable to recover the password even after following above steps, then the user need not to worry because AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-844-443-3244 is available 24×7 for your support. where certified and experienced AOL Technicians are available and ready to resolve any kind of issue in just one call.