Password Recovery in AOL Desktop Gold

admin/ June 6, 2018/ Blog

AOL Desktop Gold has millions of users across 18 countries in the world. It’s features based on advanced technology. Password forgotten is the common issues faces by the AOL users. Without the password, a user cannot recover their account.

In case of password missing, it is necessary to recover your password as soon as possible so that your account remains safe from the attack of hackers.

You can follow the given steps to recover your password and therefore recover your account immediately.

  • Visit official AOL website.
  • Log in to your account
  • Fill credentials and click on next.

In this paragraph, we will guide you to get your new AOL password. If you forget your password and want to recover the lost password then look at the points given below and get your new password immediately.

On the login page, once you fill the username detail, you can see these two steps

  • Forget password.
  • I forgot my password.

Select the required option according to your requirement. If a user selects Forget Password then he can recover his password with the help of following steps

  1. Click on Forgot password.
  2. Provide user name.
  3. Now click on next.
  4. Provide the recovery phone number and select next.
  5. Now click on text or call to have a verification code..
  6. Now enter the verification code
  7. Enter the new password and save it for future.

Password recovery by answering the security question

  1. Click on Forgot Password.
  2. Fill your username and next.
  3. Choose the verifying option to answer security question
  4. Click on next.
  5. Now provide the given profile information.
  6. At last provide the new password.
  7. Click on save.

Password recovery through forget my password options

Recover through a verification code of phone number.

  1. Click “I forgot my password.”
  2. Now select yes to send a verification code to your mobile.
  3. Enter the verification code
  4. Click on submit.
  5. Now create a new password.
  6. Enter this in the new passwordsection and confirm the new password option.
  7. Click on continues and then Ok.

Password recovery by answering the security question

  1. Click on “I forgot my password.”
  2. Give the answer to security question and verify it.
  3. Provide the necessary information..
  4. Click on continue.
  5. Enter a new password.
  6. And then click on continue.

By following these steps, a user can get their new password. However, in some cases, the user still faces issues in recovering the lost/forgotten password or to Download AOL Desktop Gold Software, then AOL Desktop Gold Support Services are always available for the users’ support. You can contact to our AOL expertise by dialing AOL Gold Support number +1-844-443-3244 available 24*7.